Knowing the History of Casino, Its Development to its Relationship with Crime

History of Casino, Its Development to its Relationship with Crime, As a betting connoisseur, have you ever been curious about the history of online casino malaysia? Or have you never heard of the term?

Casino itself is one of the places most favored by gambling fans, even in some developed countries, there are already many casino houses that are used as a means of entertainment so that they are used to reap as much profit as possible.

If you are interested in getting into the world of betting, there are actually many casino agents that offer online games. So you just need to look for one of the casino sites and then join it as a member and that’s where you can choose the various games provided by the agent.

All full games are done History of Casino , even members can enjoy games using smartphones like other online games. For those of you who still don’t know much about Casino including its history, try listening to the following discussion!

About Casino House Malaysia

History of Casino

Trusted online casino malaysia can be said as a company that is engaged in gambling so that gambling activities can be accessed legally. A casino house must obtain a permit from the local government before any gambling activities can operate. This business field is very promising so it is not surprising that many are interested in following it.

Even some countries have allowed casinos to operate legally but of course there is an income tax application. The income tax deposit for the casino business is fairly high, it can even reach 50% of the company’s income. But even so there are still many casino houses operating because gambling at house casinos is very popular.

At first all types of gambling games could only be played at the casino house. The games offered are also very diverse so that players or commonly called bettors can choose games that are proficient to play in order to get big profits and higher chances of winning. To enjoy the game, the bettor must visit the Casino house directly and choose a game. Until finally along with technological advances, all types of casino games can be accessed online.

Although now casino games are more modern, it is very interesting to review the history of the casino or its development from time to time.

Casino History and Management

Casino History and Management

Casino games slot online e wallet have existed for a long time, even historians say that casinos existed in the 19th century. Some say that casino games have appeared hundreds of years before and have even existed since ancient Egypt and then spread to Italy in the Middle Ages.

Initially there was only one game, namely casino, until in the Middle Ages, other gambling games were born. 

In ancient times, the Egyptians built a special place that had a large stage where nobles could gather to enjoy the entertainment provided.

The place is also used as a place for festival celebrations where everyone can party, consume liquor to gamble to play the Casino.

The results also say that this tradition was carried over to the European continent in 1638 and the first gambling house in Europe named Ridotto was built. However the venue only operates during the carnival festive season. Until finally in 1770, the Venice government closed the place on the grounds that gambling could make the nobles poor.

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While the history of casinos in the United States is also interesting to observe because in the past, the casino houses were called saloons and were famous in the era of the cowboys in power. Even formerly Saloons were used as a gathering place or meeting point for residents of the 4 states of the United States, namely San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans and St. Louis.

At that time, Saloons were one of the places where people met and even made new friends to drink and of course gamble. But unfortunately, Saloons also suffered the same fate as Ridotto because at the beginning of the 20th century there was a massive gambling ban.

So that a state law was formed to close all gambling places including Saloons. Then in 1931 gambling began to be legalized again and became the beginning of the birth of the Casino which is known to this day.

America Has The Most Number Of Casinos In The World

According to the data we collected from Wikipedia, America is currently the country that has the highest number of casinos in it. There are more than 1000 casinos operating in this country led by Donald Trump.

The number of casinos that stand in America continues to grow over time. The latest information we have reveals that 40 states in America already have some form of casino gambling. Las Vegas Valley can be said to be the center of concentration of gambling in the United States. Based on data released in 2015, there are 15 top casino markets in America by revenue, namely:

  • Las Vegas Strip with total revenue of $ 6,348 billion
  • Atlantic City with total revenue of $2,426 billion
  • Chicago region with total revenue of $2,02 billion
  • New York City with total revenue of $1,400 billion
  • Detroit with total revenue of $1,376 billion
  • Baltimore–Washington Metropolitan Area with total revenue of $1,306 billion
  • Philadelphia with total revenue of $1.192 billion
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast with total revenue of $1,135 billion
  • St. Louis with a total income of $ 1.007 billion
  • The Poconos with total revenue of $965.56 million
  • Lake Charles, Louisiana with total revenue of $907.51 million
  • Boulder Strip with total revenue of $784.35 million
  • Kansas City with total revenue of $782.05 million
  • Shreveport with total revenue of $732.51 million

History of Casinos in Malaysia

As an Malaysian citizen of today’s generation, of course you will never see a Casino. Even all kinds of gambling are still very restricted or prohibited. But you know, before entering the 1980s, the Malaysian state allowed a casino.

The first casino in Malaysia is located in Jakarta under the leadership of Ali Sadikin which in the end had to close because of the many casinos that moved secretly or illegally.

Illegal casino houses made the police of the republic of Malaysia act quickly so that they closed all illegal casinos and gave birth to the 1945 law which prohibits gambling in Malaysia, so that until now you cannot find casino houses in Malaysia.

It turns out that along with the development of the world of technology, many players are using the online system and in Malaysia itself began to enter in 2005. The fans of this online casino are very large because it is easier to reach even though it is classified as illegal but all bettors can enjoy the game with a computer or smartphone device.

The Beginning of the Emergence of Online Casinos

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Indeed, when discussing the history of Casino, there will be no end. Some countries do prohibit casinos because they think it can have a bad influence on social life.

But it turns out that the owner of the Casino house is thinking of running his business without having to build a Casino house. That’s where the emergence of online casinos which are also known as virtual casinos.

So players can place bets online through internet media. In 1994, a company called Mikro Gaming claimed to be the first company in the world to offer online casino services with real money bets. At the same time the Cryptologic company also claimed that the company was engaged in the inter Casino site.

Cryptologic is also the first online casino game provider that still survives to this day. So both of them were very influential companies at the beginning of the era of online gambling games and played an important role as developers of the technology needed to run every type of gambling game.

The development of History of Casino is fantastic, even in Malaysia itself, it can reach tens of thousands and millions of players who place bets. Each player spends an average of up to 5 hours per day because the Casino site not only provides casino games but also a variety of other interesting gambling games.

If at first to be able to enjoy online casino games, players had to use a computer device, now all types of gambling games can be accessed using smartphones based on Android or iOS.

So don’t be surprised if the players are getting excited to enjoy the game because they feel a lot of convenience.

Even online casino games that provide certain offers for the audience. Starting from the amount of small bets, bonuses and other things depending on the agent or casino site which is followed.

Casino Gambling Legal in Malaysia

Talking about gambling, including the history of the casino, would be incomplete without talking about legal issues. As it is known that there are many countries that strongly oppose the existence of gambling activities and categorize it as illegal. Malaysia is one of the countries that do this.

Malaysia enforces quite a number of regulations related to the prohibition of gambling. One 

of these rules is contained in the KUHP article 303 bis Paragraph 1. The article explains the legal consequences for people involved in gambling activities, namely in the form of imprisonment for a maximum of 4 years or a maximum fine of 10 million rupiah.

Article 303 paragraph of the Criminal Code also calls for the same thing about the legal consequences that threaten gamblers (including casino gambling). This article threatens gamblers with a maximum imprisonment of 10 years or a maximum fine of 25 million rupiah.

Malaysia strongly opposes any gambling activity. This is most likely based on Malaysian culture which is very eastern. Not to mention the strong influence of Islam which is the majority religion in Malaysia.

Legal Status of Online Casino Gambling in Malaysia

Legal Status of Online Casino Gambling in Malaysia

Continuing the discussion about the previous online casino gambling. As previously said, casino gambling can now be played online via a computer or gadget. But what about the legal status of indirect gambling like this online casino?

Although not done directly, Malaysia has regulations that regulate online gambling, including online casinos. This regulation regarding online gambling is stated in the ITE Law, precisely in Article 27 paragraph 2.

The article History of Casino on the ITE Law explains that anyone who disseminates or distributes content (electronic documents) containing gambling will be punished with legal consequences.

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The legal consequences of violating the ITE Law Article 27 paragraph 2 are regulated in another article, namely Article 45 paragraph 2 in Law 19/2016. In the article it is explained that anyone who violates the aforementioned article of the ITE Law can be sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum of 6 years and/or a fine of a maximum of Rp. 1 billion.

Enforcement of Gambling Activities in Malaysia

Talk about taking action against gambling activities in Malaysia. The government can be said to have been quite good at trying to eradicate gambling activities in the country, whether it’s online or live gambling.

If you listen to some of the criminal news, the Malaysian police have often succeeded in uncovering gambling activities in the country. Although it may only have a small impact on the development of gambling in Malaysia. This is something that deserves appreciation.

Countries That Legalized Casino Gambling

Although quite a lot of countries are against gambling, including casino gambling. But it’s no secret that there are also some countries that actually do the opposite, namely legalizing gambling. Some countries such as Spain, Italy, Singapore and China (Hong Kong) openly legalize gambling in them.

Behind the legalization of gambling in some of the countries mentioned earlier, there are many reasons behind it. Starting from the intention to attract tourists to make it a sector of state income.

Even though it is legalized, of course there are a number of regulations that apply to regulate the gambling. One of them is the granting of a license or permit to run a gambling business. The gambling company or service provider must have a license or official permit from the relevant country to be able to run the gambling business.

The Impact Of The Rise Of Casino Gambling

As previously mentioned, several countries including Malaysia are against this gambling activity. Apart from being against religious and moral norms, gambling also has many bad effects on the perpetrators.

Experiencing pathological gambling conditions is one of the bad effects that will be experienced by gamblers (including casino gambling). Gambling pathological is a condition where a person finds it difficult to contain his desire to gamble or what is often called a gambling addiction.

Gambling activities can also affect the psychological health of the perpetrators. A number of medical studies mention changes in parts of the gambler’s brain. This makes gamblers often take risky decisions.

Gambling activities are also alleged to have a negative effect on the state of the country. Several reviews from trusted pages mention that gambling can trigger an increase in crime rates.

Not only does it increase crime rates, casino gambling is also widely said to be able to kill a number of small businesses. This is because usually casinos do not only provide casino game services, but also include places to stay, restaurants, bars and others.

This can kill a number of other businesses engaged in the area covered by the Casino business, especially small and medium-sized businesses.

Casino Gambling And Crime Figures

Gambling has always been closely related to crime or criminal acts. An economic study states that there is a positive relationship between casino gambling and crime.

Based on a review from Wikipedia, casinos usually have ties to criminal organizations. In the early days of casino openings in Las Vegas, several casinos were dominated by the American mafia. The same thing happened in Macau, where many casinos there were dominated by Triads.

That’s our little review of the history of the casino and its development so that it can be accessed online as it is today. Hopefully the information we share this time can be useful for you. Thank you

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